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IMS Global Training Services

We are able to provide a diverse range of training services in a wide range of disciplines

our capabilities

During our many years working and travelling throughout Asia we have often been asked for advice on training and training provider companies for all types of services and industries.

Therefore we are proud that as a result of collaboration with our new business partner we can now provide a truly diverse range of training facilitation services to suit all your needs. We provide training services at all levels to industrial, government, and commercial customers both locally and internationally

Some of the many fields where we can provide you with training solutions:

We tailor the training to suit your specific needs and adapt it to suit the skills of the trainees and their location. Courses are delivered through your choice of methods to suit your organisation Courses are available in many fields and can be individually client matched

your benefits

No matter what your training needs may be, from an individual, to an industrial worksite, a hotel, or a complete organisation, be sure to contact IMS Global Training Services to discuss the many ways we can help you achieve your goals